About US

Road safety and smarter vehicles. That’s what drives us. Our vision is to make vehicles smarter and cities safer.

We aim at leveraging the increasing smartphone penetration in emerging markets to derive meaningful driving behavior and vehicle performance insights. Using machine-learning and big-data technologies, we help in detailed driving profiling and coaching, fleet management and automated vehicle services.

We are passionate about technology and the emerging connected car ecosystem. With the world coming so close via mobile internet, we believe that connected cars are going to revolutionize and transform the automotive industry.

We aim to be a part of this change and transform the day-to-day interactions with automobiles.

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We are looking out for people who share our love for software, automobile and data science.


Please feel free to reach out:
contact@carx.io | +91 - 91670 96020
98/1, 1st Floor, MMR Plaza, Sarjapur Main Road, 1st Block Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034‎