Safer Roads.
Smarter Vehicles.

Smartphone Powered
Driving &
Vehicle Analytics

No hardware installations. CarX is easy to use. Get connected in 3 easy steps.

CarX app downloads in seconds and connects your car to the cloud platform

Big data cloud platform performs data analysis using the latest machine-learning algorithms and unlocks hidden insights

Businesses use insights to track and improve their fleet performance and reward safe driving practices.

CarX connects your car to the cloud to deliver real time location, trip history, vehicle alerts and driving insights.

Open Platform

Open platform provides our customers unlimited access to their data and growing range of connected-car apps and services, powered by CarX and tailored to their needs.

Hardware Agnostic

CarX technologies revolve around the smartphone. By remaining hardware-free we evolve as technologies do keeping our customers happier for longer.

Globally Scalable

With auto scaling and self-healing responses, CarX is the most robust connected-car platform designed to be immediately scalable to meet your business needs.

Smart Security

The platform itself acts as a secure gateway making sure only authorised applications have access to the data keeping everything safe and secure