Real-time Location, Speeding Alerts, Trip History

GPS Vehicle Tracking

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More revenues. Less operational costs.

Web and mobile applications to track and manage your vehicles.

Bird-eye Overview

Manage your vehicles with increased transparency and always available information.

Increase Business Revenue

Leverage technology to improve client's expectation and increase business revenue.

Track and manage costs

Reduce day to day operational running costs and optimize your vehicle movements.

GPS Features

- Real-time Location

- Trip History

- Speeding Alerts

- Geofencing

- API Integration

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Device Specs

- Manufactured in Europe

- 2 Years extended warranty

- 170 mAh Li-Ion battery

- 6 to 30 V DC with over-voltage protection

- 128MB internal flash memory

- Build in accelerometer

- Easy 3 wire installation

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50+ Customers Using CarX GPS Tracking

Phone Calls

Minimize unwanted phone calls


Reduction in operational costs


Reduction in tracking time


Reduction in dispatching time

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